Yachts on Film

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Here is a list of yachts that were shot on film before the digital age was upon us. Most of these are archived and not yet scanned; however, if you see a yacht that interests you, please contact me.

MY Atlantic Lady

SY Amadeus

SY Aschanti

MY Avella

MY Astor

MY Acacia

MY Aky

MY Alta

SY African Queen

SY Anna Christina

MY Atlantic Goose

SY Ameena

MY AlphaIV

SY Alexa

SY Aspiration

MY Anam Cara

MY Braveheart

SY Barinia

SY Blue Sula
SY Bolero

MY Blind Date

Bavaria sail & Power

SY Crystal

MY Cohete

SY Cinderella

MY Commitment

MY Classique

MY Cacique


SY Catalyst

SY Corinthian

MY Clarena


SY Dolphin

MY Diane

MY Esmeralda

SY Emotion

SY Ebb Tide

MY Frya

MY Fulmara

MY Flamingo

MY Felidan

SY Freedom

MY Grasshopper

MY Herald B

MY High Chaparral

MY Irina

MY Indigo Star

MY Ilona of Kylesku

SY Io of Cowes


MY Karina

MY Kanaloa

SY Liberty

SY Lady Lauren

MY Mayflower

SY Mu Mu

SY Mamamouchi

MY My Way

My Majestic Elisa

SY Number One

SY Oyster53

SY One o One

MY Perfect Persuasion

SY Passepartout

MY Passionata

Peer Gynt,Med Adventure

SY Red Sula

MY Santa Cruz Tres

MY Sarita

MY Spada

SY Santa Maria

SY Starlite

MY Shandor

MY Snapper

SY Sapphire

SY Tempest

Tall Ships

MY Toinie

MY True Blue

SY Tigerlily

MY Thundergulch

MY Tranquility

SY Vivid

SY Victoria Estafania

SY Windrose of Amsterdam

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